What are Community Challenges?

Community Challenges sit at the heart of Brawn in-Gym and bring gym members together through shared purpose.

Community Challenges are goals that can only be achieved by gym members sharing their training data through the Brawn in-Gym tablet or companion app.

Every-time a gym member shares their latest training data, the progress of the Community Challenge updates in real-time for everybody to see 

Do gym members care about them?

Yes! Our Community Challenges have been designed following multiple rounds of research and feedback with gym members.

Gym members are incentivised to take part in Community Challenges through the clear display of rewards available for completing the challenge.

By having a collective goal to work towards, gym members are motivated to train more often and achieve their personal goals quicker.

How do they support retention?

Achieving a shared goal motivates members to train more frequently, therefore getting greater value from their gym membership and becoming less likely to leave.

Connecting with other members transforms the gym into a social setting, integrating the gym experience with their personal life gives members a sense of belonging that they do not want to lose.

Tracking the Community Challenge progress on the Brawn companion app connects lifters with your gym 24/7, anywhere in the world. This means that even when not physically at the gym, your members can still interact with each other.

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