How it works

Brawn Gym Leaderboards are a new interactive experience that have been proven to improve member retention.

The concept is simple. We install a widescreen TV on your gym floor, which displays the Brawn Leaderboard for everybody to see. We also install a tablet that your members input their latest lifting data on. As soon as they finish entering their data, they can see where they rank on the leaderboard.

The proof is in the numbers

67% of gym members use a Brawn Leaderboard within the first week of installation and 40%+ use it every week.

Our unique scoring system, BIPs, creates an equal opportunities leaderboard for your gym members.

Brawn Leaderboards create positive, competitive energy in your gym and help to create a true sense of community amongst members.

Our supporters

Brawn Leaderboards have been backed by some of the biggest names in strength sports

One of the most exciting developments in strength training that I've ever seen

Nick Mitchell, Founder & CEO of UP Fitness

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