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Brawn brings your lifters together like never before. Our unique inGym system motivates your members to regularly use the weights in your gym, giving them more value from their gym membership and improving your retention rates.

Instant reward

Brawn inGym is an interactive display that shows who has been working hard, celebrates personal bests and brings your members together through shared goals. Brawn inGym offers your members instant gratification and recognition for their efforts, regardless of strength or ability.

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We do all the heavy lifting

Brawn inGym’s AI-driven Community Challenges are an automated solution that builds challenges as it learns and adapts to your membership. Connect your members through common goals & ongoing personal progress, create shareable moments for social media content and drive more people back to the gym week after week.

Strengthen your offer

“Community challenges bring lots of people together to make them feel part of something, especially as a newcomer in maybe an intimidating environment, people will feel more comfortable in the environment as they have a sense of belonging.” 

–  Fraser Orr, PT

The Proof Is In The Numbers

67% of gym members use Brawn in-Gym within the first week of installation and 40%+ use it every week. Members are motivated to work harder & harder and have a tangible record of their progress. Brawn in-Gym creates positive, competitive energy in your gym and helps to create a true community amongst members.

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Brawn inGym is used by some of the leading names in fitness

"Brawn inGym is the MyZone for strength"

Steven Rinaldi, Primal Strength Founder & MD

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