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Improve retention

Brawn brings your lifters together like never before. Our unique in-gym display and companion app motivate your members to regularly use the weights in your gym, giving them more value from their gym membership and improving your retention rates.

Instant reward

Brawn in-Gym is an interactive display that shows who has been working hard, celebrates personal bests and brings your members together through Community Goals. Brawn in-Gym offers your members instant gratification and recognition for their efforts, regardless of strength or ability.

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Every member matters

Community Goals connect your members through friendly competition in your local area, create shared accountability and connect those who may have lifted alone previously with other like-minded lifters. Put simply, it’s a sure-fire way to increase the number of high-fives and fist-bumps shared on the gym floor!

Your Gym In Their Pocket

The Brawn app is free for your members to download, with an exclusive Group created on the app for your members. In the Group they can support each other’s training, celebrate milestones together and access the Community Goal wherever & whenever. Groups allow you to engage your members 24/7 and can also be discovered by existing Brawn users, acting as both a sales and retention tool for you.

The Proof Is In The Numbers

67% of gym members use Brawn in-Gym within the first week of installation and 40%+ use it every week. Members are motivated to work harder & harder and have a tangible record of their progress. Brawn in-Gym creates positive, competitive energy in your gym and helps to create a true community amongst members.

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Brawn in-Gym has been backed by some of the biggest names in strength sports

One of the most exciting developments in strength training that I've ever seen

Nick Mitchell, Founder & CEO of UP Fitness

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