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AI-driven challenges

Brawn inGym is a fully automated solution for delivering engaging challenges to gym members. As inGym learns more & more about your membership base, it will set relevant challenges using exercises and timeframes that it knows will suit your membership. Keeping members engaged and participating regularly has been shown to directly support retention rates.

Personal shoutouts

Brawn in-Gym is an interactive display that shows who has been working hard, celebrates personal bests and shines a spotlight on your members.. Brawn in-Gym offers your members instant gratification and recognition for their efforts, regardless of strength or ability. Create shareable moments for social media content and drive more people back to the gym week after week.


Every gym has their own Brawn leaderboard to create friendly, competitive energy on the gym floor. Members, personal trainers and managers can compete daily, weekly or monthly for bragging rights, creating extra motivation for everybody in the gym to push their training that little bit further.

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Brawn inGym is used by some of the leading names in fitness

"Brawn inGym is the MyZone for strength"

Steven Rinaldi, Primal Strength Founder & MD

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