A launch event like no other!

On the 17th June, in a location usually rammed with dance enthusiasts, a group of leading London gyms and VIP’s descended on the Ministry of Sound, London UK, to witness the launch of something special.

It is rare that you get to see a new product launch in the fitness industry, where you know that what you have been part of will be discussed, like a ripple of waves throughout the global industry for quite some time.

The event was slick, exclusive and on a need to know basis. The intro from the Founder, Sohail Rashid, was sleek and concise, paving the way in which Brawn works and why you need it in your gym. The active, live participation kicked off with trainers getting thrown into an empowering lifting challenge, the simplicity of the product was clear but the impact was huge. The energy, excitement and vibe in the room was electric, two hours of people competing in a class manner lifting weight – The challenge was to lift a total of 350,000 KG.

It was inspiring to see the Brawn team and participants genuinely hyped from what they had just been part of. Forget clubbing at the Ministry of Sound, this was a whole new experience of raw strength. The MC’s, Courtney Fearon and Andy Smith took the room on a training journey of passion, power and persistence. Imagine this in a gym and suddenly you can see the legs of this product simply sprinting across the globe!

This product is not just tech, it is tech at its absolute best. AI driven, digitising the way in which lifters can train, experiencing a training effect like nothing they have been able to enjoy before. It will open the doors for those who have a desire to get into lifting but never really felt they fitted in, this will fundamentally take the weight training gyms and areas of clubs to a whole new place, it will expand the club offering naturally as more and more users begin to really feel they can benefit. 

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentleman, this is going to be an interesting ride!!


Launch event at the Ministry of Sound

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“By gamifying strength training in a smart way, gyms can create a sense of shared purpose and positive competition. Instead of each lifter floating around the gym in an isolated digital bubble created by their phone, they can feel part of a digitally enhanced community”.