Brawn launches virtual leaderboards to drive growth of lockdown Powerlifting 

February 2021

Brawn, the new ‘Strava for Strength Sports’ app, has launched virtual leaderboards for lifters across the UK and Canada. This market-first feature enables lifters to virtually compete against others, through submitting multi-rep sets of squats, benches, or deadlifts.


Brawn is a unique community platform for people that like to lift, inspired by the challenges of lockdown, but built for the long-term. Early comparisons have been made with Strava due to its broad range of features including Lifter Profiles, Trophy Cabinets, Awards, Rep PBs, and Training Logs.  Brawn’s new features have been designed specifically to satisfy the competitive needs of strength athletes, while making the sport more accessible to newcomers.


Sohail Rashid, the Founder of Brawn, technology entrepreneur and experienced Powerlifter, said: “BRAWN is the only community app dedicated to Powerlifting, and these new features have been launched to encourage and enable the natural competition between lifters that drives them to achieve more. Our goal is to increase participation numbers by removing the barriers experienced by hobbyists, competitors, coaches, and federations. We believe Powerlifting is a sleeping giant, and are passionate about growing global participation in Powerlifting, by making the sport more easily accessible, through lockdown and beyond.  Virtual leaderboards will help further promote the fantastic work that federations and meet promoters do in delivering the irreplaceable platform experience.”


After successful testing of the concept in the UK, including virtual lockdown leaderboard challenges, Brawn has hosted a number of virtual competitions. These have been designed for hobbyists and gym-goers that enjoy making strength progress, but are yet to taste the platform experience. With lockdowns and ongoing travel restrictions forcing competition cancellations and postponements, Brawn has provided a solution to enable competition for lifters at all levels.