Connect, train, and reflect | Brawn introduces new social powerlifting features to mobile app

New Powerlifting Features

We’re pleased to announce the launch of three new social features via our dedicated mobile app, as part of a solution designed to give the user greater ownership over their lifting journey and the ability to personalise their own experience.

Existing users will already be familiar with our communal features, such as our global leaderboard, as well as the launch of the world’s first virtual powerlifting events coming to members later this month.

As Brawn expands, the user experience is also inspiring more people to take up the sport around the world. So, with no further ado, we are bringing you even more ways to track your development and share your progress with like-minded lifters.


A video-based feature which allows athletes to see two lifts side-by-side on-screen, meaning that they can better analyse their lifts compared to previous efforts and spot where they need to make changes to their style and posture in time for competitions. It also allows lifters to set personal goals using a visual aid, enabling the user to see each stage of their development and to share content with other lifters who might be able to offer an external point of view.


Training Sessions

A platform for lifters to record and analyse their performance across training cycles and provide a historic view of their personal development. This digital logbook offers each individual lifter a forensic overview of their performance and progression, pooling personal data to help create their own training programmes, plan their training around their personal lives and upcoming events, and to also set realistic targets dependent on their own strength and power output.


Offering functions similar to what one can expect from Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, this communications feature allows users to create tailored groups within their Brawn app where they can invite and interact with fellow lifters. By helping people who train alone socialise with others, this feature offers Brawn users a platform to connect with the lifting community in a way they have never experienced before.


‘Demand for mobile is growing’

While Brawn is in itself a community app, it’s the interactions within the app that make each lifter’s journey so unique. That’s why we’re pioneering the virtual lifting experience from the moment a user signs up, right through to our global events, which pit lifters of all levels against each other.

In doing so, we also give gym owners and our brand partners greater opportunity to set up their own groups and training schedules to connect with recreational lifters – not only the elite – therefore offering the industry at large the tools it needs to connect and inspire lifters virtually.



At its core, powerlifting requires two fundamental things – a barbell to lift and a desire to push your body to its physical limits. Nevertheless, as the industry advances with the use of statistical data and digital media, our growing community is demanding more visual tools to analyse and adapt the way they lift.

What this means is that, while it is possible for anyone to join a gym or set up their own workout space at home, there isn’t always a space for lifters to share in their experience outside of competition and is essentially why we brought the Brawn Power app into existence in March 2020.

By giving lifters access to social and digital media solutions, in much the same way that the tech industry is connecting the planet via mobile, all three of our new features have been designed to put the lifter in control of their own powerlifting experience and express themselves in a safe and inclusive environment.

Inclusion is the key to building the powerlifting community and means actively putting the lifter at the centre of everything that we do. As we continue to build out the Brawn experience and innovate the mobile app, we expect to see even greater engagement throughout the sport.

Sign up to the Brawn Power app via Google Play or the AppStore and find out more about the new features available to you. Let’s help build the powerlifting movement.

Keep lifting.

Sohail Rashid


Brawn Founder & CEO