IPF and Eleiko announce official partnership with Brawn

September 2021


IPF and Eleiko announce official partnership with Brawn


The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), as part of their ongoing digitisation strategy, have partnered with innovative Fit-Tech company, Brawn; the biggest community platform for lifters. The collaboration also incorporates IPF’s long standing-partner, Eleiko; the leading manufacturer of premium strength training equipment.

As the premier global powerlifting federation (and the only WADA signatory), one of the IPF’s objectives is to grow the sport by setting an example of how inclusive powerlifting is. Brawn will support the IPF in achieving this with the app they have developed, not just for the competitive lifting community but also the non-competitive; allowing users to record their lifts, set goals and compare against other lifters anywhere in the world using a new metric called BIPs which takes into account gender, weight and reps. Unlike existing point systems, BIPs is the only metric that calculates an intensity score for working sets, not just for a one rep max.

IPF President Gaston Parage says “The IPF and Eleiko have been in talks with the team at Brawn on how we can provide lifters around the globe with more opportunities to participate in the sport, both at a competitive level and recreationally. We’re happy to be endorsing their technology which will further increase the popularity of powerlifting. More details will be revealed about the partnership soon including upcoming events; but thanks to Brawn it is now easier than ever for lifters across the world to support each other’s progress and benchmark their development.”

The IPF has a growing membership base of 2.1 million across 133 countries, but with over 20 million lifters worldwide who squat, deadlift and/ or bench, the IPF and Brawn are confident that this digital platform will help grow the sport of powerlifting as it becomes more accessible by providing a safe and supportive place for social sharing of training lifts. It is already being described as the ‘Strava for strength’.

“Together with our long-time partner the IPF, we look forward to working with Brawn to make training and competing in powerlifting accessible to more people,” said Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO. “This collaboration aligns with our vision of a stronger world and helping people discover the benefits of strength training. Online community building, virtual competitions, lift tracking and training analysis are all important developments for our community and the sport, we are excited to be involved in this new area of growth.”

In an increasingly health-conscious world, it’s no wonder that strength training is becoming increasingly popular. According to the IHRSA 2020 report, there has been an 18% increase over the last five years of gym members training with a barbell. Some of the many benefits associated with the sport include reduced body fat, improved mental health and increased muscle strength.

“The IPF and Eleiko are two of the leading organisations in powerlifting and we are delighted that they have agreed to give their full backing to the Brawn community,” said Sohail Rashid, CEO of Brawn. “We all share the same vision to grow the sport, with a particular focus on grassroots participation.

This partnership represents a step forward for all parties, but most importantly, for the sport itself. Together we will be able to increase awareness of the healthy physical and mental benefits of strength training. The authenticity and credibility that these brands bring will help ensure that our digital and tech solutions will reach more lifters at all levels.”