Our Partners

British Powerlifting Union

Brawn offers lifters something unique that adds to the experience of being a powerlifter.  Not only can it help the BPU as a federation, but it removes a lot of the pain points and frustrations for lifters.  We think that Brawn will be great for the sport as a whole and we are proud to be a launch partner.

The training leaderboards adds an additional competitive edge to lifting outside of competition which was particularly helpful during the lockdown period.  This was well received by many BPU lifters when we unfortunately had to cancel competitions during 2020.


As the president of the BDFPA I am delighted to announce our newly established partnership with Brawn for the 2021 lifting season and will be encouraging all our members to sign up to enhance their experience within the Powerlifting community.

We recognise the value to lifters of all abilities to be able to not only challenge themselves in obtaining personal goals in conjunction with the innovative Brawn awards system but also allowing them to compare themselves against other lifters outside of competition.

The team behind Brawn display passion and drive to build an inclusive community across federations. Their goals are infectious and having spoken to them over the last few months and seen the product they provide, we are hugely supportive of their mission.


Brawn has been a massive help to attempt to keep the Army Powerlifting Union joined up throughout the lockdown period. Personally I love the ability to create a like minded supportive community that gives me be ability to see what talent we have around the country

Leeds University Powerlifting Society

The global pandemic has made running University societies increasingly difficult. As with all sports societies a supportive community is at our core but due to limitations on training attendance, it has proven difficult to see how everyone is progressing. With members having individual preferences on training environment and location Brawn came at the perfect time for us, helping keep our member's training connected and keeping them motivated when training on their own. It also gives new members an idea of how they are progressing within the club as well as general powerlifting goals. We are looking forward to being able to hold virtual competitions through the app later this year!

British Strength Magazine

I was invited to join the Brawn testing group and was immediately impressed with how the app provided a visualization of all my competition data and also removes a lot of the friction points experienced by most lifters. Brawn replaces the need to visit  multiple different places to find other lifters, competition data and how your numbers rank against others. The "BIPs" score is also a useful addition metric that enables me to benchmark my training numbers, as this uses weight, reps and sets to produce the score it's a real tangible measure of effort to track through a training cycle.

I think that this platform will become a must have for all powerlifters and greatly help grow a stronger community of powerlifters. It's easy to use, rich with unique insights and a powerful tool for every lifter wanting to get an edge.


The Güdlift movement exists to promote lifting as a lifestyle.  Supporting lifters of all ages and abilities; every ethnicity and gender, we run a community-based gym in Manchester which is home to the UK’s first all-sponsored female powerlifting team – the Güdlift Girls.

Using our online presence to unite the community of lifters around the UK , our mission statement is simple.  Be More Ü.

For powerlifters, Brawn is a godsend.  It’s so much more than logging your workouts.  Can’t remember your rep set max?  Want to track the progress of fellow lifters?  Want to feel part of the lifting community?  Brawn does all of that whilst keeping you focussed and motivated from one session to the next.