Our Team

01 Sohail Rashid

Sohail is an experienced entrepreneur and investor.  He loves tech, data and building things that can fix real problems. He fell in love with the sport of powerlifting in his early 30’s and is a super proud Dad of 2 boys that are the centre of his world.

02 Andy Smith

Andy is a successful strength and conditioning coach, elite powerlifter, hybrid athlete, gym owner and consultant. He is at his happiest when out walking his dog Titan in the Scottish Hills come rain or shine.

03 James Bradshaw

James is a strategic marketer with experience across a broad range of industries. He is passionate about crafting stories that connect with our audience and bring people together. As a father to two young boys, James gets plenty of storytelling practice outside of work too!

04 Hayley Staunton

Hayley is a passionate marketeer who specialises in creating helpful and engaging content. Her main passion is running, however she has many friends in the powerlifting community whose successes she loves to champion. Outside of sport, Hayley is a vivacious reader with an innate love of psychological non-fiction books.

05 Lydia Forrest

Lydia is a social media manager, working with businesses in the fitness industry. She started powerlifting back in 2017, and now she is a international level powerlifter and a SE record holder. Social Media has always been a huge part of her life and a big passion of hers, especially when she started lifting. Her favourite thing to do is to lift heavy weights with her friends whilst drinking a white monster energy drink.