Hannah Webb, inGym user

“It’s a really empowering way of talking about what you do in the gym. I really like the showcase screen and when it is me it is a really nice moment of pride and recognition. I like submitting my lifts because it’s helping the gym reach our goal and we get nice little perks too like a half price coffee!”

Fraser Orr, PT

“Community challenges bring lots of people together to make them feel part of something, especially as a newcomer in maybe an intimidating environment, people will feel more comfortable in the environment as they have a sense of belonging.”

Tony Barnes, gym owner

“The idea of actually being able to gamify what goes on in the gym is something quite unique and special, we’re really enjoying what we’re seeing so far. It’s a very simple system to use, our members are getting an extra sense of community and a unique chance to be competitive – it’s been nice to see them build on their relationships as a result of using Brawn inGym.”

Steven Rinaldi, Primal Strength

We see Brawn as the myZone for strength as it delivers a connected training experience for those who recognise the benefits of strength training. The combination of Community Challenges and personal shoutouts keeps gym members motivated, accountable for their training and empowers them to connect with others in their gym.

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