Restart Rumble FAQs

BRAWN Virtual Event FAQs

You can secure your place by visiting

There are two separate competitions, one for IPF members only & one for everybody else who lifts!

You can see the defined rules list and example videos for our lifts here

You will need to film a time stamped video (we have given you a free link in the app) and then the upload happens directly inside the App itself

The event is judged according to the rules and then once the results are announced you have a 24hr challenge window. We use BIPs to allow comparison across weight categories.

Anywhere! As long as you have bar and some weights.

Brawn Intensity Points (BIPs) are a metric to score your performance in training. Your BIPs are based on the amount you have lifted, and this is standardised against your body weight and gender. Your BIPs are moderated based on the number of reps and sets of your training lift.

We use a time-stamp app to ensure that weigh-ins and lifts are submitted in the relevant windows for each event. The app is a free app to film on and then upload your time-stamped video through the event flow.

If you have any more questions or support you can email us by clicking here or drop us a line on Instagram.