Lifting… but better

The new Brawn app is your constant lifting companion, connecting you with others on the gym floor and fellow lifters around the world. 

Whatever your goals, harness the power of community to reach them quicker.

Strength made social

Connect with other lifters at your gym through Brawn Groups, a safe place to share your progress and celebrate the achievements of your fellow gym members.

Not currently a member of a gym? Use Groups to find a gym near you with members who love to lift just like you! 

Track your progress

Adding your training data to Brawn allows you to see how your lifting performance improves over time.

Add videos to your Training Sets and review to find areas of improvement that you may have missed otherwise.

Automatically record your Rep PBs, your best numbers are only a tap away.

Achieve and earn

Contribute to your gym’s Community Goals for your chance to win great prizes from leading fitness brands.

By working together, you & your fellow gym lifters can take on other gyms in the local area and benefit from the additional focus that positive, competitive energy brings.

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