Brawn helps Operators:

  • Enhance personal training services through digitalisation and technology integration
  • Increase gym revenue by expanding PT client base and reaching a wider audience.
  • Improve gym member retention progress tracking.
  • Close the loop between classes and personalised training.

Brawn helps Personal Trainers:

  • Offer an affordable solution to clients
  • Increase revenue per hour
  • Grow their PT brand
  • Eliminate direct gym floor sales


Fully customised digital platform

Seamless organisation and engagement across your gym facility.

Increase PT penetration

Close the loop between classes and personalised training.

Enhanced member progress tracking.

Simplifying tracking and visualising progress to help members reach their goals.

"Its our mission to make strength training more inclusive and accessible and we are proud to be partnering with with some of the biggest gym brands across the UK and Europe”.

Sohail Rashid, Brawn Founder and CEO