Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Brawn app easy to use?

The Brawn app connects gym members directly to their gym and to other members in their gym. All member need to do is download the app, select their gym from the dropdown and they'll be connected to their community with access to challenges, Guided Workouts and more.

Does the app have a workout history?
How do challenges work?

Our challenges:
- Make it easy for gym staff to create and manage challenges
- Are proven to improve member retention
- Allow gyms to access member challenge data to reward consistency

How is Brawn different to other apps?

Unlike workout or coaching apps, Brawn is the only app focused on helping gyms reduce new member churn and creating leads for personal trainers.

What happens after the trial?
After the trial a Brawn representative will be in touch to get you set up with a paid account which will give you access to more features to help you reduce churn and generate leads for your PTs
What data will I have access to?

Brawn can share club, group and area level members insights on:

- Equipment usage and frequency

- Exercise and movements for user profiles

- Workout flows

- Training trends

- Member behaviour

This removes the black hole that currently exists on what happens in the gym.

Is Brawn for the strongest people in the gym?

Brawn is for everyone. Our Intensity Points promote inclusive and balanced competition among gym members, regardless of gender or body size. By focusing on more than just the weight lifted, everyone gets a chance to actively participate and succeed, not just those with the greatest physical size.

How does data entry work?

For gyms:

- Gym staff and personal trainers can directly input their custom Guided Workouts and Challenges into the app for members to access.

For members:

- Members can enter gym Challenges with the touch of a button

- Members can also follow a Guided Workout which suggests weights based on their experience lifting. Weights can be altered or entered with a single swipe.

How do members access Brawn?

Couldn't be easier!

1. Members download Brawn from the App Store or scan a QR code in your gym

2. They select their gym, enter their details

3. Join a challenge, do an Audio or Guided Workout, or log your own freestyle workout.

Get started for free

Trial Brawn in your gym for 7 days.