Brawn Awards

A virtual trophy cabinet for individual milestone achievements and official acknowledgement of long known powerlifting benchmarks.


Set targets personalised to your lifting experience to focus you to achieve your goal numbers.


See how each of your lifts and total lift compare in your class of lifters based on gender, weight class and equipment.

Brawn Intensity Points

Brawn Intensity Points (BIPs) are a metric to score your performance in training. Your BIPs are based on the amount you have lifted, and this is standardised against your body weight and gender. Your BIPs score is moderated based on the number of reps and sets of your training lift.

Top Set Tracker

Track weekly top sets and access unique insights to help improve your training experience and competition prep.


Automated ranking of your lifts against active lifters and likely competitors “ones to watch” for both competition and training lifts.


Build your own community of lifters via your private news feed by following friends, competitors and lifter idols.

For Federations:

Brawn works closely with Federations to help them increase awareness of the sport and improve the experience for the lifter from training to the platform.  If you want to get involved and see how we can help promote upcoming meets then please contact us on

For Brand Partners

If you are a brand involved in strength sport and would like to know how you could get involved please contact us on