ACSM Fitness Trends 2023

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Every year ACSM publishes a report based on a worldwide survey that determines the fitness industry trends for the upcoming year. Now in its 17th consecutive year, the report is always highly anticipated both from operators and suppliers.

The 3 top spots this year have gone to:

  1. Wearable tech
  2. Strength training with free weights
  3. Body Weight training

It’s no surprise for the number one spot to go to wearable tech, which has been the case now for a number of years, with the likes of Myzone, Polar, Strava and many other ‘tech’ becoming readily available and accepted by the general population. The role of wearable tech, as stated in the ukactive’s Current State of FitTech report, which clearly identified the global wearables market is forecasted to be worth $67 billion by 2024, with the UK already home to the largest proportion of FitTech and SportsTech businesses in Europe. This sector of the industry is likely to retain the number one spot for several years to come.

The 2022 report ranked Home Gyms and Outdoor Activity in second and third place which was no surprise given the pandemic. But if we look back to the 2020 ACSM Fitness Trend report which reflected the pre-pandemic trend, it reported that second place was High Intensity-Interval Training (HIIT) and in third place was Group Training.

To now see Strength Training with free weights and Body Weight Training hitting the top spots cements the direction and opportunity for Brawn.

Sohail Rashid, CEO of Brawn says “To see the top three places in the 2023 ACSM fitness trend report was a surprise, due to the previous years reports, but one I am pleased to say that the foundation of Brawn is based on. Operators will now seek products to support these trends with investment into strength training and bodyweight activities that combine wearable tech. Brawn is the ideal solution provider for this.”

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