Brawn set to launch at the Ministry

Brawn InGym is the newest digital experience for lifters within a gym and training environment. Creating strong connections through easy-to use AI-driven gym floor technology.

The fitness industry has been lacking a serious contender in offering those who lift, the opportunity to finally engage, be part of a community and feel like they ‘belong’ to a club, to connect with club owners, trainers and each other. 

Brawn InGym has finally filled this gap and the industry cannot stop talking about it!

Brawn has been developed by Sohail Rashid, having worked in data and technology for over 15 years and has been behind some of the leading retention and consumer engagement products in the proptech sector. And, in a short time has already begun to make waves in the industry, having absolute belief that Brawn will change the fitness industry forever. In addition to having an aspiration leader Brawn has been supported by True, who work with businesses to reach their full potential and a selection of high net worth individuals from the consumer fitness sector. 

On 17th June, Brawn will be hosting its exclusive launch party in partnership with the iconic Ministry of Sound. In 2018, the same group launched The Ministry; a workspace with a state-of-the-art gym, which will be the first in London to use the Brawn technology. 

Following the success of the Ministry Fitness, it made absolute sense to partner with the newest digital and most exciting product to hit the market in years!

Kate Corfield from Ministry Fitness says “I’m so excited about our partnership with Brawn. At Ministry of Sound we have a history of being first, so being the first gym in London to launch the Brawn technology is totally aligned with our ethos. We just re-launched our gym and fitness offering at The Ministry and Brawn technology is the perfect fit to complement our new fantastic product.”

The event will see some of London’s leading key gyms; including Gymbox, Third Space and Roar, as well as a host of other training studios, and key players within the industry. All coming together to witness what will fundamentally change the industry and the way it finally engages, with a huge segment of users that have previously been forgotten.

Sohail Rashid, Founder says “The creation and now finally launch of Brawn has been something that I have been working on for a couple of years, having seen a gap from my training years. Finally, the industry has a product that really makes sense, digitising the weight training area of the gym floor, which to date has been completely analogue.  I wanted to ensure that those who lift are not forgotten in the corner of a gym, siloed to the rest of the facility and left to their own devices. We have finally created a digitised product that brings lifting to the masses and opens the ability to create and engage with communities.”

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