Brawn supports Speedflex at Jubilee Hall


On the 7th February 2023 Brawn attended a Connected Fitness event at Jubilee Hall Trust, organised by Speedflex and with their ambassador in attendance, Ben Shephard.


The launch event of the Speedflex BLADE was attended by the press and influencers, where they took part in an immersive, connected fitness challenge. 


The attendees completed a series of challenges on the Hydrow, Peloton and BLADE whilst being mapped by the Brawn leaderboard. They then had the opportunity to take on Ben Shephard in a 30-second benchmark challenge.


The event was a fantastic way to showcase Brawn, which is already installed at Jubilee Hall Gym in Covent Garden, London. The feedback on the system from attendees was positive and was an ideal opportunity for people to get hands on with Brawn and fully experience the product.