The Digitalisation of Lifting

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Our whitepaper delves into the current trends, challenges and possibilities of the digital gym experience.


From sleeping to socialising, almost every aspect of our lives is digitally enhanced. So why not strength training?Digitalisation of Lifting

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside:

  1. Trends driving fitness apps: Developers are carving out niches to serve more specialised audiences in a highly competitive market. The whitepaper explores the forces shaping the latest apps and how strength training metrics can be better utilised in the next generation of workout software.

  2. Cutting-edge wearables: We're familiar with tech that counts calories and steps, but how can wearables streamline strength training? The whitepaper highlights the tech innovators who are combining AI and advanced sensors in ways that could remove all 'admin' from lifting.

  3. The power of gamification: With progress, goals, and competitive elements, strength training is perfectly suited to being gamified. The whitepaper explores the massive potential for gamification in strength training, including 14 benefits for lifters and gym owners.

  4. Challenges and possibilities: What are the most significant barriers to the successful digitalisation of gyms? From tech fatigue to information overload, the whitepaper theorises how to keep lifters engaged and excited while embarking on a digital lifting journey.

The digitalisation of gyms has the potential to revolutionise the way we approach strength training. By exploring the trends, challenges, and possibilities of the digital gym experience for lifters, our whitepaper sheds light on the exciting future of fitness technology.