The truth about strength training

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In the news recently there has been extensive coverage from new research that confirms that strength training could add years to your life.

As reported recently within mainstream media including The Telegraph, New York Times and The Times. There has been new research released, conducted by the Department of Health and Human Physiology at the University of Iowa, that supports the role of strength training to lower the risk of dementia as well as supporting longevity.

The research performed found that weightlifting is associated with a 9% decrease in the risk of all-cause mortality and 15% reduced risk of cancer mortality. The results were so surprising that the mainstream media picked this up and in all fairness strength training needs to be a keen focus for health clubs and gyms. There has always been a focus on cardio, and we know that keeping the heart and body fit is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle, but when you associate that with strength training the results for people are significant.

Over the years there have been studies on older populations and strength training, arthritis and osteoporosis. We know the benefits of strength training, so why don’t facilities invest in making strength training more appealing?

In line with this new research, Brawn conducted its own research to establish how people actually feel about weight lifting as we continue to hear of the barriers or lack of interest in this area. The findings were as surprising as those of the new research!

Surprise 1: Those who replied to the survey and are a member of the gym,  80% stated they used free weights when strength training. 

Surprise 2: Those who strength trained stated that 47% wanted better technology, 36% wanted personalised challenges and 31% wanted to be part of a stronger community. 

Surprise 3: 43% said they would pay extra to use a connected lifting experience in their gym.

Sohail Rashid says “Brawn wasn’t simply developed on a whim, we knew even before the latest strength training research that it is such an important part of an exercise routine. Brawn helps maintain that motivation and creates a connected lifting experience. We have created Brawn to serve the industry, to bring it to life and to open doors for people who enjoy and want to get involved in strength training. The health benefits are significant and this research just cements this further”.

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