5 Ways to Give Members More in 2023

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Exploring the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities for gyms looking to boost customer engagement and retention.

In 2023 gym operators are seeking ways to create a more meaningful and community-driven fitness experience for their members. Want to know how this can be achieved?

Here's a summary of what you can find in our new whitepaper:

  1. Fresh stats on new members' fears: With a 50% dropout rate in the first six months, building beginners' confidence is crucial. We share new stats on how many new members feel self-conscious and suggest ways to help.

  2. How to make tech work for you: Data and tech can give every in-gym experience more context, meaning, and value. We suggest ways to use tech to stay connected to fitness goals and make the most of member data.

  3. Creating personalised gym communities: Consumers crave hyper-personalisation, but also want to feel part of a community with shared goals. We explore how gyms can provide a sense of achievement, individually and together throughout the year.

In the words of Brawn Founder and CEO, Sohail Rashid: "In 2023, there's a golden opportunity to improve and truly own the member journey within, and beyond the four walls of your gym."

As the fitness industry evolves, gyms must find new ways to keep members engaged and motivated. By implementing these five strategies, gyms can create a more personalised and community-driven fitness experience that meets the needs of their members in 2023 and beyond.