Brawn continues to expand its winning team

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Brawn, the world’s first connected community lifting app designed for lifters and strength trainers within a gym facility, is proud to announce the expansion of its team with the addition of Laura Hoggins, otherwise known as @laurabiceps. 

Laura has a stellar background in the strength and community space, as well as being an author, podcaster, and presenter. She is a well-known and respected figure, having built a successful career as a personal trainer, strength coach, and mentor. Laura has also written a book on strength training and has hosted many industry events and podcasts.

Laura joins Brawn to consult and lead our content strategy, a role that will oversee the creation and design of gym floor challenges and workouts. With Brawn focused on changing the way gym users strength train, Laura’s experience and expertise will be invaluable in helping to drive this mission forward. 

Laura will be responsible for the creation and design of gym floor challenges and workouts for Brawn. She will also be tasked with helping to increase engagement, build a community and generate additional revenue through using Brawn. 

Laura will be working closely with the product and research teams to ensure that the proposition for gyms grows and that personal trainers have the necessary tools to be successful.

Laura has been a long-time follower of Brawn, attending the launch party at the Ministry of Sound last year. She is excited by the progress and changes that have been made to the product over the past year and is looking forward to being a part of the team. 

In her own words, Laura said “I’m delighted to be joining Brawn and to be part of the team that is driving the mission to change the way gym users strength train. I am looking forward to helping to create an even better experience for gym users and personal trainers alike.”

Sohail Rashid, CEO of Brawn says “Having Laura onboard is a great win for Brawn. There are not many people that understand the challenges and value of creating a strong community in the gym than Laura, coupled with her genuine passion for making strength training more inclusive and accessible makes her a perfect fit for Brawn. With Laura now onboard we will be building out a framework of challenges and content to help more members connect with their gym and other members that strength”.